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Gundam Wing: CD Singles

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"Gundam Wing: Operation 1" (76:33)
Hiroshi Kumagai (conducting) King Philharmonic Orchestra
1. The Wings of A Boy That Killed Adolescence
2. Black Wind Invites To The Death
3. In The Returned Blood & Smell of Gunpowder
4. Looking For The Peace Hiding In The Corpse
5. When Dragon Swims, Everything Ends
6. Just Communication (Opening song), Vocal: TWO-MIX Universe 
7. The Curtain of The Next Chapter Is Coming Up Now
8. Eternity & Infinity In This Hands
9. Treize Khushrenada - Person Who Makes History
10. Use Coming From Darkness
11. Can Hear The Voice Calling The Soul
12. GW Bridge Collection I Noble-Mindedness
13. Soft Hair See Through Eyes
14. Inside of The Girl's Heart...
15. Heard The Whispers of Stars At The Night of Moon Smiling
16. To Beauty, To Elegance, And To Noble-Mindedness
17. Feel Like Crossing Over That Rainbow Bridge Destiny
18. Peace Being Broken, Time Moving Out
19. Plot String & Marionette
20. Cold Bloodthirstiness
21. As Relena Peacecraft
22. From Uncertainty To Impatience
23. Heero Time of Decision
24. GW Bridge Collection II Affection
25. Long Time Ago, Pain That Already Thrown
26. That Clown Doesn't Need Make Up For Tears
27. Sandy Clock of Sad Color
28. Sparkling Harmony
29. Peaceful Moment With You Machine
30. Mission Accomplished
31. Gundam Attack
32. Battle Field of Plot
33. OZ Mobile Suit getting Close
34. Enforcement Breakthrough
35. Swinging Target
36. Unknown Pressure
37. Zechs Comes
38. JUST COMMUNICATION - Instrumental Version
39. Code Name Is Heero Yuy
40. It's Just Love (Ending Song), Vocal: Rumi Ohishi 
"Gundam Wing: Operation 2"
1. Cry for the Dream
2. Good Luck And Good-Bye
3. Clown
4. I'm Your Friend
5. Knock At Tomorrow's Door
6. It's Just Love! (TV Version)
7. New Hope
8. True Figure of Truth
9. Mission
10. Soldiers Who Don't Have Grave-Post
11. Touched Heartstrings
12. Everyone's Thought
13. Invitation From The Hell
14. Smoke & Bullet Rain
15. That Day Was The Last Day I Saw Your Smile
16. With Only That, I'm Happy
17. Left Smell of Summer
18. Like Venus Melting In The Morning
19. Break Out
20. Sympathy
21. Scattering Left Light
22. Signs of Consciousness
23. Just Communication (TV Version)
"Gundam Wing: Operation 3"
1. Eternal Secret
2. Even If You Smile
3. Brightness & Darkness
4. Absolutely OK!
5. Joy To My Life (Dorothy Catalonia)
6. Behind The Scenes of The Blackout
7. Legend of Zero XXXG-00W0
8. Hellraiser Returns
9. The Labyrinth Called Yourself
10. Requiem, Softly
11. Soldier Milliard
12. Interlude-The Final Chapter
13. The Eye of a Mobile Doll
14. Secret Ambitions
15. The Abandoned Horse of The Age
16. Well-Planned Strategy/Tactics
17. Accelerated Beat
18. Dangerous Shinning Because For The Purity
19. I Don't Like Fairy Tale
20. I Believed We'd Meet
21. Ties-From The Cockpit of A (An Expected/Resigned) Suicide Mission
22. Proof of Existence
23. Reversal of A Memory
24. What Are You Looking For On The Other Side of Victory?
25. The Flight Towards The Future
26. Who Will Give Their Life? (Burn)
27. Rhythm Emotion (TV size Version) / TWO-MIX
"Gundam Wing: Operation 4"
1. With Only My Words (Heero Yuy) 
2. Love Is Not Crying Yet (Relena Darlian) 
3. Wild Wing (Duo Maxwell) 
4. Far Off Dawn (Zechs Merquise)
5. Star's Gaze (Quatre Raberba Winner)
6. Love Is A Shooting Star (Trowa Barton) 
7. Stardust Soldiers (Treize Khushrenada)
8. Grasp The Truth (Wufei Chang) 
9. Rhythm Emotion
10. Flying Away (Heero Yuy)
"Endless Waltz Original Soundtrack - Gundam W: Operation S"

1. Prologue: AC 195 Christmas Eve
2. White Reflection - Short Version
3. Journey To The Sun
4. Main Title - Subtitle
5. AC 196 Christmas Eve
6. At Circus Tent
7. The Power Game
8. Heero's Dream
9. Appearance of Mariemaia
10. Enforcement Rush
11. Duel!
12. The Dangerous Game
13. Codename: Wind
14. Battlefield
15. Perplexity
16. Holy Night
17. Wufei's Irritation
18. Clash At The Stratosphere
19. Sorrowful Memory
20. Final Attack
21. Riot of Citizens
22. Endless Waltz

Gundam Wing Complete Song Collection

"Gundam Singles History III"

"Blind Target-1"

"Blind Target-2"

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