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Gundam Wing: Cards

If you own a playing card that's not listed here, and you're interested in sharing your information on this website, please read the note here on how best to submit it to us. Thank you. Please note that all of these cards share a common reverse, pictured below.

Abbreviations used in the chart below:
MS = MS Cards, PL = Pilot Cards, EV = Event Cards, BF = Battlefield Cards
C = Common, U = Uncommon, R = Rare, G = Gold, H = Holographic

M.S. War Playing Cards

WG Mission
OZ Mission
PL-001 (R)
PL-002 (U)
PL-003 (U)
PL-004 (U)
PL-005 (U)
PL-006 (H)
PL-007 (C)
PL-008 (C)
PL-009 (R)
PL-010 (H)
PL-011 (U)
PL-012 (U)
PL-013 (U)
PL-014 (C)
PL-015 (H) PL-016 (G) PL-017 (U)
PL-018 (H)
PL-019 (U)
PL-020 (G)
PL-021 (U)
PL-022 (U)
PL-023 (C)
PL-024 (C) PL-025 (C)
PL-026 (R)
PL-027 (R)
PL-028 (H)

PL-029 (G)
PL-030 (H) PL-031 (H) PL-032 (R) PL-033 (U)
PL-034 (R) PL-035 (C) PL-036 (U) PL-037 (C)
PL-038 (C)
MS-001 (H)
MS-002 (C)
MS-003 (U)
MS-004 (U)
MS-005 (U)
MS-006 (U)
MS-007 (R)
MS-008 (C)
MS-009 (C)
MS-010 (C)
MS-011 (C)
MS-012 (C)
MS-013 (H)
MS-014 (U)
MS-015 (R)
MS-016 (C)
MS-017 (C)
MS-018 (C)
MS-019 (C)
MS-020 (C)
MS-021 (U)
MS-022 (U)
MS-023 (U)
MS-024 (C)
MS-025 (G)
MS-026 (R)
MS-027 (H) MS-028 (H) MS-029 (H) MS-029 (H)
MS-030 (H) MS-031 (H) MS-032 (U)
MS-033 (U)
MS-034 (U)
MS-035 (U)
MS-036 (U)
MS-037 (H) MS-038 (H)
MS-039 (C)
MS-040 (C)
MS-041 (C)
MS-042 (C)
MS-043 (C)
MS-044 (C)
MS-045 (C)
MS-046 (H) MS-047 (H) MS-048 (H) MS-049 (H)
MS-050 (G) MS-051 (U) MS-052 (C)
MS-053 (C)
MS-054 (C)
MS-055 (U) MS-056 (R)
MS-057 (U)
MS-058 (C) MS-059 (C)
MS-060 (C)
MS-061 (C)
MS-062 (U) MS-063 (H) MS-064 (H)
MS-065 (U) MS-066 (H)
EV-001 (R)
EV-002 (U)
EV-003 (C)
EV-004 (C)
EV-005 (C)
EV-006 (C)
EV-007 (U)
EV-008 (C)
EV-009 (R)
EV-010 (C)
EV-011 (C)
EV-012 (C)
EV-013 (C)
EV-014 (U)
EV-015 (U)
EV-016 (C)
EV-017 (R)
EV-018 (U)
EV-019 (R)
EV-020 (R)
EV-021 (C) EV-022 (U) EV-023 (R)
EV-024 (C)
EV-025 (U)
EV-026 (C)
EV-027 (C)
EV-028 (C)
EV-029 (R)
EV-030 (R) EV-031 (C)
EV-032 (R) EV-033 (C)
EV-034 (R) EV-035 (U)
EV-036 (C)
EV-037 (R) EV-038 (C)
EV-039 (U) EV-040 (U)
EV-041 (U)
EV-042 (U) EV-043 (R)

EV-044 (R)
EV-045 (C) EV-046 (R) EV-047 (R) EV-048 (G)
EV-049 (C) EV-050 (C) EV-051 (C) BF-001 (C)
BF-002 (C)
BF-003 (R)
BF-004 (C)
BF-005 (C)
BF-006 (C)
BF-007 (C)
BF-008 (R)
BF-009 (C)
BF-010 (C)
BF-011 (U)
BF-012 (U)
BF-013 (R)
BF-014 (R)
BF-015 (R)
BF-016 (C)
BF-017 (C)
BF-018 (R) BF-019 (H)
BF-020 (U) BF-021 (U)
BF-022 (R)
BF-023 (C) BF-024 (U)
BF-025 (C)

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