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Gundam Wing: Episode Zero

He was actually married?! Wufei's shocking past becomes clear. His wife Meilan was a great influence upon his later beliefs!

1. Its true name is Shenlong -
the mystery of Nataku's naming

While the Gundam created by Master O is called "Shenlong," its pilot Wufei continues to call it "Nataku" throughout the series. He has more confidence in its strength than in anything else; thus, his first duel with Treize is a staggering psychological defeat for Wufei. There must be a reason why he cares about "Nataku" so much. Lo and behold, it was the name of Meilan, his wife, who sacrificed herself to protect him. Whether he really loved her or not is a delicate question, but it's clear that her story is critical to his motives for fighting, so of course he would care about it. And it's interesting that Wufei came up with the name "Shenlong" as well. The question is, can he ever let go of such a Gundam? Maybe this was the real reason he joined Mariemaia's rebel army.

2. Little Mr. Rich Boy:
The brainy Wufei

Wufei was actually a brainy scholar! This is a rather shocking past, considering how passionate he is, and how he's since been rushing headlong down the lonely path of war. On top of that, he went to a boarding school, so in some respects he really had an elite background. What's more, he also had the martial arts skills to easily defeat Meilan, the strongest of her clan, so the self-confidence we later see in his words and actions isn't unreasonable. If the Alliance attack hadn't taken place, Wufei might have become a mad scientist who'd put even Master O to shame...

3. Are you doing the right thing?
The secret anguish of justice

In Endless Waltz, Wufei joins the Mariemaia army and turns against Heero and friends. Wufei couldn't accept that the citizens took it for granted that they'd be protected, while there were others who fought, sacrificing everything. Is it justice that some fatten themselves as they revel in peace, thanks to others who risked their lives in battle? In Endless Waltz, Wufei wanders around searching for the answer. There are some times when he simply keeps saying "are you doing the right thing?" so it's difficult for others to understand him. But there is a suffering that nobody knows about behind his repeated calls for "justice". He seems violent, but he could be the most sensitive of them all.

He joins the Mariemaia army, and questions his existence as a warrior. He lives honestly according his beliefs.

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