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Gundam Wing: Episode Zero

Trowa mysteriously introduced himself with the words "I'll call myself Trowa Barton." The shocking 16 years of his life are now made clear!

1. "Who am I?"
The path of "No-name" Trowa

Trowa was found by mercenaries when he was four and, under their tutelage, became a first-class soldier. But even at that point, as with his "name" of No-name, he hadn't been able to see any value in living. After his mercenary squad was destroyed, the 14-year old Trowa went up into space, and became a maintenance man in the L-3 colonies. There, he accidentally witnessed the murder of the real Trowa Barton, and subsequently volunteered to pilot a mobile suit under the dead man's name. Having descended to Earth, he seems to have succeeded in finding "a place to go home to" with his circus troupe, but there's no knowing whether he can continue living peacefully with them. It will probably take a little more time to be sure.

2. The knife-throwing woman
The relationship with Catherine...

When Trowa descends to Earth in Operation Meteor, he chooses the circus as his cover. As he spends time with Catherine, he begins to feel at peace in the circus. After he loses his memory, he calls Catherine his sister, but there is a possibility that they really are siblings. Catherine had a brother who was lost--actually, went missing--in the war, named Triton Bloom. And Trowa has a burn scar on his back that he didn't get in battle. The truth is unclear, but there does seem to be a bond of mutual understanding between them somehow.

3. No work, no food

Trowa had to polish his skills to survive in the war-torn world. Aided by his natural talent, he had become a full-fledged soldier by age 10, and was adored by the captain and the other mercenaries. Also, out of necessity, he picked up a poker face with which he can calmly deal with any situation. How sad that the only reason he survived was because of his fighting abilities. His skill at slipping into unknown places is also the result of his training as a soldier.

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