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Gundam Wing: Episode Zero

Relena and Zechs actually met before the war...! Her fate is radically altered by the events that happen later -- let's analyze her many mysteries!

1. "What's yours…?"
The mystery of the self-introduction.

Relena was quiet and withdrawn when she was 11. But in meeting a war orphan--a boy who looked a lot like Heero--she began to remember her past. Her interest in the boy was piqued, but she couldn't convey her feelings to him, or find the courage to stand up for him. Thus, her self-introduction is tinged with the desire not to make the same mistakes twice. It could be said that this was the beginning of her pacifism.

2. The mystery of the Vice Foreign Minister position.
You can be one at 16?

In Endless Waltz, Relena assumes the position of Vice Foreign Minister of the Earth Sphere Unified Nation at the age of 16. The Vice Foreign Minister is usually a high-ranking bureaucrat reporting to the Secretary of State. We could understand a title like "head of the Peacecraft family," or even "queen," but how Relena could become a top government official at age 16? This post was awarded in appreciation for her past achievements, as there were many colonies that solved their problems swiftly after the war, thanks to her efforts. At first, it seems to have been a strictly honorary position, but Relena was more ambitious than that. She steadily added to her accomplishments and, later, officially assumed the office. Of course, it's no coincidence that she ended up succeeding the late Vice Foreign Minister Darlian, her adoptive father. Historically, the name Peacecraft--a synonym for absolute pacifism--is more impressive, but Relena chose to keep the Darlian name, after the man who risked his life for peace.

3. Her brother's teachings…?
The legend of the Star Prince.

Relena first calls Heero "a prince of the stars" in the TV series. This poetic line was originally spoken by Zechs, when he met Relena during the terrorist attack on the Darlian estate. Those in the know explain that, perhaps, it means he's the prince of a now-destroyed star (as in country)... This fondness for poetic phrasing must be in the Peacecraft blood.

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