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Gundam Wing: Episode Zero

Quatre--a young man who was greatly affected by the birthing methods of the A.C. era. The feud with his father, and his encounter with the Maganac Corps; let's pursue these points of interest!

1. The father-son quarrel of cosmic proportions;
29 sisters and one stubborn dad...

29 sisters... you'd think that Quatre's father was one amazing man! Actually, Quatre's sisters were all test-tube babies, from a time when natural childbirth was prohibited. Naturally, Quatre questioned his own existence, and was further upset by the idea that the Winner family could create life at their convenience. After Quatre 's meeting with the Maganac Corps, he and his father reconciled briefly, but the friction between Quatre and his pacifist father continues on into the TV series. His father loved Quatre and his 29 sisters equally; what thoughts did he harbor in the end, as he died in space?

Quatre never found out that he was naturally born from his mother Catherine. But through his adventures, he gains the strength not to be preoccupied by such matters.

Quatre's father advocated pacifism and demilitarization until the very end But his beliefs live on in Quatre, even if his son's methods are different.

2. Master Quatre moves forward--
The bond between Quatre and his "family"

Through hell or high water, the Maganac Corps pledge their loyalty to Quatre. They're a team of brave warriors who risk their lives for him, and get mad when he goes off on his own. But after this story, when did their tearful reunion take place? When Quatre shows up in the first episode of the TV series, he's already with the Maganac Corps. But when Operation Meteor began, Quatre descended to Earth by himself, like the other four Gundam pilots. According to knowledgeable sources, Quatre had contacted Rasid before the descent, and arranged to meet up on Earth. One can't help feeling that the Maganac Corps are rather like Quatre's groupies, but there's no doubt that they're reliable friends. People talk of learning to be independent from your parents, but after the war ends, is Quatre going to have to learn to be independent from his "family"? In an age of peace, getting the Maganac Corps to re-integrate into society will be a rather serious problem.

3. They're not lame at all!
The mystery of the goggles...

Quatre often wore a pair of goggles early in the TV series. It's not that he was trying to look clever by adapting to the Maganac Corps' desert home. Rather, Quatre inherited these goggles from Rasid, and they serve as the symbol of the Maganac Corps' Ieader. It appears that he wears them when he's leading the corps, and takes them off when he's acting on his own. To Quatre, they're like a badge of honor, and he doesn't much care what kind of fashion statement they're making.

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