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Gundam Wing: Episode Zero

Our readers are people who completely understand the world of Gundam Wing.



First of all, I would like to make a request of those who have read this book. I would like you to watch the entire TV series and Endless Waltz again. By so doing, I think you will be able to fully appreciate the work "Gundam Wing."

This series of stories of the past was requested of me by Director [Masashi] Ikeda, and it was supposed to appear in the TV series after episode 27. However, it was pigeonholed due to the production schedule being the worst ever, and the fact that I withdrew as scenarist.

When I returned to the show, there was no chance to fit in the past, and we had no choice but to table it indefinitely (though we did try in episode 31, "The Glass Kingdom"). It was able to become a graphic novel through the kindness of the editors at Anime V [magazine] and Mr. Kanbe's cooperation. As one of the co-creators, I am extremely grateful, and this has become a very emotional work.

And so, this completed "Episode Zero" is entirely thanks to Mr. Akira Kanbe's wonderful art and composition, and I believe that it leaves nothing to be desired. Please read it to your heart's content. And I thank the support and efforts of Sunrise [animation studio] and the editors of Anime V

Now that I've written this far, I'll have to answer the last question. The rest of "Preventer 5" is omitted, as I determined that the actions they would take would be obvious to readers who had re-watched the TV series and Endless Waltz. If you're really curious, you can submit a petition to Anime V to resume the series, or make up the story yourself.

In any case, you are all people who fully understand "Gundam Wing." Do as your heart tells you. That's all!

July 26, 1997 A lucky screenwriter born in the uptown district
Katsuyuki Sumisawa



Once the serial started, it was harder than I thought... I almost gave up many times...

My name is Akira Kanbe, and I recently had the privilege of drawing a Gundam Wing manga. When they first offered it to me, I didn't go into the project thinking it would be easy, but it was tougher than I thought once the serial started... Seriously.

I almost gave up many times. Mecha manga really was hard. I was able to stick with it only through the support of many people, and I'm very grateful. I apologize for causing so much trouble for my editor and my assistants, and everyone at Sunrise [animation studio]. To Mr. Sumisawa, the creator, I just felt inadequate and kept wishing that I had more talent.

But getting such an important project was a great learning experience for me. Thank you so much. I will be happy if the readers enjoy it, even a little.

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