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Gundam Wing: Episode Zero

This story describes how the five boys ventured into Operation Meteor. Let's follow the progression here.

Gundam War Chronicle: a true introduction

The circumstances connecting the five boys to Meteor

Operation Meteor--the operation in which five Gundams descend to Earth. However, the five boys who participated didn't even know that there were other Gundam pilots besides themselves. This story of the eve of Meteor could be said to be the true introduction to the Gundam war chronicle. Let's sort out these complicated matters here.

First, the original Operation Meteor was planned by the Barton Foundation. But the Foundation's goal was to seize absolute power, in the process carrying out a massacre by dropping colonies. It also plans to assassinate Vice Foreign Minister Darlian, who has learned of this secret plan, but this attempt is thwarted by Heero. Later, Heero chooses from among Doctor J's options and decides to attack OZ directly, descending to Earth disguised as a meteor. Meanwhile, the real Trowa Barton is killed by Doktor S and others who opposed the planned massacre. "No-Name," a mechanic who happened to witness Trowa's death, becomes his stand-in, wipes out the operation team, and directly averts the massacre. Also involved in Operation Meteor were Master O and Wufei, and Professor G and Duo. But Wufei protests that it goes against his sense of justice, and swears to fight without carrying out mass murder. Duo, meanwhile, "steals" the Deathscythe (his personality shows).

Meanwhile, Quatre defies his pacifist father, helps Instructor H--a scientist who sought refuge with the Winner Family--and goes to fight for the colonies...

And so the five boys descend to Earth through completely different circumstances. Although they didn't know each other, the same can't be said of the old scientists. A different take on the story might be that the boys were manipulated by these old geezers, and deliberately set into a trap! Maybe we should feel sorry for the boys.

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