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Gundam Wing: Episode Zero

In the TV series, the stoic Heero spouts a profound line about how you should "do as your heart tells you." Let's take a closer look at that mysterious Heero.

1. A failed attack?
The connection to Treize...

The murder of the colony leader Heero. Yuy triggered the rebellion of the colonies. Thirteen years later his right-hand man, Dekim Barton, killed Heero Yuy's assassin, Odin. At the time, Odin was traveling with another "Heero," who would end up confronting Dekim eight years later. And in A.C.196, Mariemaia--the child of Treize and Dekim's daughter, Leia--stands before Heero, who helped defeat Treize. Furthermore, Treize met Leia while recuperating in hospital after Heero shot him, so it could be said that Heero was the main cause of Mariemaia's existence. "Heero" really is a troublemaker!

2. "As your heart tells you";
The mystery behind the philosophy...

"As your heart tells you..." is a phrase that Heero later uses himself. The ideal that has such great influence on Heero was actually taught to him by Odin, the assassin who appears here. Odin traveled with Heero as a part of a contract, so to speak, so they could pass themselves off as a traveling father and son. This line that he taught to Heero later serves as a guide at crucial points, as when Heero participates in "Operation Meteor." You may also recall Heero saying it to Trowa when they're traveling together during the TV series. It could be said that Odin was Heero's mentor in life, and a major formative influence on his philosophy.

3. Teddy and I;
The secret of the stuffed animal...

The bear that Relena touches during the TV series opening actually belonged to the little girl whom Heero accidentally killed during the mission shown in Endless Waltz. It was a terrible shock to Heero that he killed a civilian during this mission. It's understandable that the teddy bear is significant to him as a symbol of peace.

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