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Gundam Wing: Episode Zero

The encounter between the war orphan Duo, and the church. As well as the mystery behind his braid, the tale is packed with crucial points that formed the Duo we know today!

1. The man who makes his own name:
The "Maxwell" mystery.

Duo was once a war orphan, wandering alone through the colonies, until the priest and Sister Helen took him in and lavishly showered him with love. For Duo, the warmth of a loving family, which he experienced for the first time, was a big source of support. However, war took the church away from Duo. His taking the surname "Maxwell" might have been a personal oath of sorts. In any case, the way he calls himself the God of Death, yet at the same time names himself after the church, reveals something of Duo's subtleties. The poor citizens of the colonies, and drifting street urchins like Duo, don't have full names to begin with; even the name "Duo" was adopted after he met Solo, another urchin who died of a virus. Thus, Duo builds his name from his various experiences, and his name is his life story itself.

2. Was it just unhygenic?:
The secret behind the braid.

Duo didn't have his hair braided when he was little--instead he'd simply wear his hair long. Was he just being lazy? No, it was just that there was nobody to show him how to neatly gather long hair. He liked the braid that Sister Helen happened to make for him, and he's continued to do it ever since. The name, the braid--the church has had a great influence upon him. These are glimpses of the part of his personality that cherishes the bonds between people.

3. His connection with G:
Death and Pestilence.

Duo's role in the Gundam Wing story begins when the boy who calls himself the God of Death meets up with Professor G. After meeting Professor G, he somehow becomes involved with "Operation Meteor" (a plan to drop a colony onto Earth, and then take over during the ensuing chaos). But seeing how strongly Duo opposes the plan, Prof. G suggests that he steal the Gundam Deathscythe. Rather than playing the mass-murdering "hero," Duo chooses to descend to Earth as the God of Death and fight the Alliance, going on to meet Heero and company there. If Duo is Death, you might call Professor G Pestilence.

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