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Gundam Wing: Episode Zero

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Originally published in the monthly magazine, Anime V, events in this manga take place before the Gundam Wing Television Series and provide background information on a number of the characters. The comic is written by the the chief scenario writer of the television series, and the character development stories were originally supposed to be incorporated into the series after episode 27, but were dropped due to a tight production schedule (see Postscript). Portions of these stories were later incorporated into Endless Waltz. This manga also includes an unfinished story set after Endless Waltz: Preventer 5. Released in a series of eight comics from Viz Comics in April-November of 2001, and in a graphic novel version from Viz Graphic Novels in March of 2002.

Characters (exclusive to the Manga)

Catherine Winner
Deceased mother of Quatre Raberba Winner who died while giving birth to Quatre. (Also listed as Quatrine or Katherine in some sources.) Quatre was apparently never informed that he was born naturally.

Appears in: Episode Zero Manga

Father Maxwell
The priest who accepted Duo and the rest of his street gang of war orphans into his care in Duo's Episode Zero background story. Father Maxwell was killed during the events of the AC187 Maxwell Church Tragedy. Duo later appends his last name, taking it as his own.

Appears in: Episode Zero Manga

Leia Barton
Daughter of Dekin Barton and employed as a nurse on L3's colony X18999. In AC188 Leia cares for Treize after he in injured while defending an Alliance military installation on the colony. She had a daughter, a daughter, Mariemeia Barton, born in AC189. She died in AC191 of an illness. (Name translated as Leah or Rheia in some sources.)

Appears in: Endless Waltz OVA | Episode Zero Manga

Meiran Chang
Granddaughter of Master Long and heir of the Long Clan. Wed by arranged marriage to Wufei Chang in AC194 (at the time training as a scholar) at the age of fourteen. She nicknamed herself Nataku, something that angered Wufei, as he didn't see her worthy of the name, and she battled against the Alliance forces that attacked her colony and died of mortal wounds. Wufei sometimes refers to his Gundam as Nataku (see entry in Events Glossary) out of respect for the memory of his wife. (Name translated as Meilan and also as Long Mei Lan in some sources. It is also worth nothing that apparently only the US release of the manga lists her as Meiran Chang, and most other versions list her as Long Merian / Meilan.)

Appears in: Episode Zero Manga

Middie Une
The young civilian girl who betrayed No-Name's (Trowa's) band of mercenaries in his Episode Zero chapter. She served as the group's cook and befriended Trowa while working undercover as an Alliance spy in return for funds to take care of her sick father and brothers. It is unclear if she is the same person as Lady Une in the Gundam Wing series and Endless Waltz. (Name translated as Midii, Midy, or Midi in some sources.)

Appears in: Episode Zero Manga

The young mercenary soldier and mobile suit technician who would later assume the identity of Trowa Barton and become the pilot of the Gundam Heavyarms.

Appears in: Endless Waltz OVA | Episode Zero Manga

Odin Lowe
The professional assassin who was hired to kill the politician Heero Yuy in AC175, and who raised and trained the future Gundam pilot Heero Yuy. In AC187, Odin was hired by Dekim Barton to assassinate General Septum, Dekim then took his revenge on Odin and killed him, leaving Heero to find Dr. J and begin his training as a Gundam pilot.

Appears in: Episode Zero Manga

Sister Helen
From Duo's story in the Episode Zero manga, Sister Helen is a nun at the Maxwell Church that adopts Duo and provides him with foster care.

Appears in: Episode Zero Manga

Solo A virus breaks out at L2's V08744 colony in AC187. While an antidote is eventually developed, it is not provided to the poor, including children orphaned by the war with the Alliance. Among these is a gang led by a boy named Solo; a member of whose gang steals the antidote from an Alliance base, but too late to save his friend, and he adopts the name "Duo" in memory of him.

Appears in: Episode Zero Manga

Triton Bloom
Cathrine Bloom's missing younger brother, revealed in the Endless Waltz novel to be the Gundam pilot Trowa Barton. This reveal is apparently mentioned only in the novel, as she does not refer to him as such in either the official manga or anime release.

Appears in: Episode Zero Manga

Traitor from the Maganac Corps and spy for the Alliance, uncovered by Quatre during his Episode Zero story. He was killed by Auda. (Name translated as Judas in some sources, and he refers to himself as Iscariote during his transmission to the enemy.)

Appears in: Episode Zero Manga


Gundam Shenlong (Manga Version)
Episode Zero Manga

Colonies (L5)

Chang Wufei

An incomplete version of the Gundam Shenlong used in the television series. The mobile suit lacks armament capabilities and the construction is unfinished, exposing some of the internal fittings and hardware.

Leo Prototype
Episode Zero Manga

Colonies (L5)

Meiran (Long) Chang

This prototype Leo mobile suit closely resembles the Tallgeese seen in the television except for size. In the manga. the Prototype Leo and Gundam Shenlong are shown to be nearly identical in height. In the series, the official statistics released by the studio would place the Prototype Leo design a full meter taller.

Sweeper Ship
Episode Zero Manga
The ship that Professor J and Howard take to the moon, and that Duo stows aboard when Professor J finds him in AC182.

Weapon YO-448
Episode Zero Manga
A biological weapon intended for use on colony A0206 (home colony of the Long clan). After the Alliance condemned the colony in AC194, General Septem ordered the colony be "disinfected" with this weapon, and Treize, preferring conventional warfare, sent OZ Specials mobile suits to destroy the colony before the biological weapon could be put to use.


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Duo Maxwell *
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Trowa Barton *
Relena Darlian *
Quatre Raberba Winner *
Chang Wufei *
Operation Meteor *
Preventer 5

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