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Endless Waltz Manga: Last Battle For Peace

Ext. Earth’s atmosphere. Wufei and Heero continue to attack each other with their Gundams.
Heero: Mariemaia's autocracy will repeat our tragic history of bloody wars. As long as we continue to fight, the need for warriors like ourselves will persist.
Wufei: No! Peace must be won! Humanity needs wars to learn its lesson! That's why I must keep fighting!
Heero: ...
Title: #5 Last Battle For Peace.
Wufei: !! Heero!
Heero: You can never end the cycle of bloodshed that way.
Heero, sitting slack in the control chair, suddenly disengages from combat with Wufei and drops Wing Zero into the ocean below.
Heero: Tell me, how many more people... do we have to kill?
Wufei: ...
Heero: How many more times must I watch that girl and her puppy die? Wing Zero doesn't tell me anything. Tell me, Chang. The cycle will continue... The tragedy will repeat.
Wufei has brief flashback visions of the time when his colony self-destructed, and then drops altitude until Altron hovers over the place where Wing Zero dropped below the water.
Wufei: Master Ran!
Master Ran: Don't stop... Don't stop until we live in a world without war.
Fight, Wufei, for your own justice.
Wufei: Noooo!
The flashback ends.
Wufei: ....
Ext. Streets of Brussels, Zechs and Noin continue to fight against the Serpent troops of MMA. The fight is broadcast on a large vidscreen, and is watched by a crowd of people on a city block.
Person 1: There's a battle in Brussels!
Person2: Someone's fighting Mariemaia!
Dekim makes a general broadcast to the world at large…
Dekim: Mariemaia rules supreme! See what happens to those who oppose us!
Ext. Streets of Brussels, Zechs and Noin continue to fight against the Serpent troops of MMA.
Zechs: We can't hold out much longer. Get out now!
Noin: I already told you, I'm not leaving you.
Zechs: So be it.
Noin: We can hold out any longer!
Zechs: Not necessarily. Look! The cavalry has arrived!
The front line of Serpents suddenly drops to the ground and Gundam Sandrock, Heavyarms, and Deathscythe are revealed.
Quatre: It looks like we arrived just in time. Nothing you two can’t take care of yourselves. You defeated all those MS without killing a single soldier!
Duo: Let’s show these people a war without killing before we get rid of these Gundams once and for all.
Trowa: 250 serpents left. We each take 50. Make it count. This is her final battle.
Zechs: Without their army, Dekim and Mariemaia will surrender. It's up to the people to rebuild a lasting peace.
Quatre: Let's go!
Duo: Yeah!
The arrival of the Gundams is broadcast on the same large vidscreen, and is watched by a crowd of people on a city block.
Person 1: It's the Gundams!
Person 2: The Gundams are fighting back!
Int. Presidential Residence: Control Room. Relena and Mariemaia sit in two chairs positioned on a dais at the back of the room; Dekim and the monitoring stations take up the center portion of the area, and a view of the mobile suit battle is displayed on the main video monitor in the front of the room.
Dekim: Those fools still haven’t given up?!
Comm. Officer: Even if they do manage to destroy our Serpents, they'll never penetrate this mansion's defenses.
Relena: I…. I…. I was a coward!
Relena leaves her position next to Mariemaia and runs over to one of the work stations in order to interrupt the broadcast.
Relena: Everyone...
City plaza: The broadcast is interrupted first by the image and voice of Relena Darlian.
Relena: Don't let Mariemaia's threats scare you! Peace cannot be given, nor can it be forced! Peace must be earned. You must long for it in your hearts!
Person 1: Hey, isn't that...
Person 2: Yeah! It's Queen Relena!
Ext. Ocean. Heero moves the control levers, and the Gundam Wing Zero prepares the lift from the ocean floor.
Heero: Don't fail me now, Zero. We still have a job to do.
The street battle in Brussels worsens and the Gundams begin to take some damage.
Quatre: Oh no! I just lost my heat shotel!
Duo: My ‘Scythe’s out of juice. And I'm almost out of ammo!
Zechs: Gundam team, you're outnumbered. Retreat!
Quatre: What?!
Duo: We’ll die before we surrender!
Trowa: Dekim’s forces are fighting a lost cause. We can’t give up now.
Noin: But you can't just let yourselves die here!
Duo: We’re used to fighting a losing battle. That's what makes us special. Don't worry!
Presidential Residence: Control Room. Relena pauses in the circle of drawn pistols aimed at her.
Dekim: I kindly advise you to not pull such foolish actions again, Minister.
Relena: Isn’t leading a crowd to war against your principles? I’m no longer a Peacecraft. But I did not become a Darlian again to avenge my father's death. Hate only breeds hate. I realize now that to gain true peace takes more than just words. What we need now is not principles... but the desire for peace.
Marimaia: But your way failed! The people don't fight back! I’ve already won!
Presidential Residence: In a hallway somewhere in the building, a soldier sees an intruder.
MM Soldier: Who's there?!
Une knocks the soldier unconscious and continues down the hall towards the control room.
Une: One of Treize’s old guards. How many soldiers was Dekim able to fool? Zechs and the others are running out of time. I must hurry.
Ext. Brussels. During the battle in the streets of the city, the Gundams, Tallgeese, and Noin’s Taurus pause to evaluate their status.
Duo: I'm all out of ammo.
Zechs: Well, this is it...
Presidential Residence: Control Room. Mariemaia watches the image of the battle on the video screen.
Marimaia: The Gundam units have stopped firing! You see? What can they hope to do now?
Relena: ...
Ext. Brussels. The mobile suit battle pauses for a moment of decision.
Duo: If we blow ourselves up, we can take out half of the remaining Serpents.
Trowa: No! We don't want to take any other lives with us.
Duo: ...Right.
Quatre: !! What?!
Another mobile suit appears in the sky above.
Trowa: Another enemy?!
Zechs: Wing Zero!
Duo: Heero!
Wing Zero, carbon-scored and damaged from the fight with Altron and its subsequent plunge through the Earth's atmosphere, holds position in the sky above Brussels, its massive buster rifle pointed at the Presidential Estate barricade below.
Heero: Target the executive mansion. Twin buster rifle, locked on!
In the Presidential Residence Control Room. they watch the image of the battle on the video screen.
Comm. Officer: It's another Gundam!
Dekim: What?!
Comm. Officer: The pilot’s hailing us!
Heero's image comes up on the main monitor screen.
Relena: Heero!
Heero: I hope, for your sake, that those shields of yours are as strong as you say.
Dekim: What are you doing! How dare you--
Heero: Do you feel safe in your cage?
Mariemaia: You can’t hurt us! You're powerless against us.
Heero: You asked for it...
Heero fires upon the Presidential Residence, and the force of the blast causes the control room to shudder.
Dekim: Impossible!
Mariemaia: You're wasting your time. Your gun is useless.
Relena: You're sweating, Mariemaia. Worried?
Dekim: Serpent attack force! Shoot down that Gundam!
Heero fires again… and again.
Comm. Officer: Shields down to 50 percent!
Dekim: That can't be!
Comm. Officer: Sir! Another direct will destroy us!
Dekim: Hold your fire! We have Relena Peacecraft down here!
Relena: Heero...
Mariemaia looks at Relena, but Relena’s eyes are closed, and she looks peaceful and calm.
Mariemaia: ....
Heero has a brief flashback to a moment of his training when he met a little girl and her puppy. Heero ignores the attacking Serpent mobile suits and takes aim on the shield once more. He fires, and this time, Wing Zero begins to break up and flames and smoke exhaust into the cockpit.
Heero: Ahhh!
Wing Zero's final shot breaks through the protective shield, and the control center bursts into flames as well. Lady Une runs in from the back of the control room, and tackles both Relena and Mariemaia to the ground.
Mariemaia: Ooh…
Une: Are you alright?
Mariemaia: Who are you?
Une: Let's just say I'm a friend of your father’s. I won't let his daughter die.
In the front of the control room, the Comm. Officer continues to report the status to Dekim over the wreckage of his desk.
Comm. Officer: Sir, another Gundam at No. 4 defense line, Point E!
Dekim: What?
Comm. Officer: Sir!
Brussels: Altron stands in the center of a city square with many people standing at the feet of the mobile suit. Serpent mobile suits stand opposite Altron, and the people stand between Altron and the Serpents, shouting.
Person 1: We're not going to take it anymore!
Person 2: No more war!
Person 3: We can take care of our own peace!
Wufei smiles to himself.
Wufei: The people rose up for peace. I can stop fighting now. Good bye, Treize.
In the control center, Dekim and the others continue to watch the video monitor. Une stands with Relena and Mariemaia and addresses Dekim.
Une: General Khushrenada loved those who stood up for what they believed. He knew that you could never have peace through force! You lose, Dekim Barton!
Dekim: Silence! We’re the true masters of the Earth Sphere! Mariemaia, you are the rightful heir to power!
A man loyal to Treize watches Dekim’s rant in horror.
Treize Loyalist: ....
In a daze, Mariemaia stumbles towards Dekim.
Mariemaia: Yes... I should rule... like my father, Treize...
Relena walks around to step in front of Mariemaia and raises her hand as if to slap Mariemaia across the face.
Relena: I'm sorry, but it's time you woke up, Mariemaia!
Mariemaia: Relena...
Relena: Now that you know fear, you can accept your fault.
Dekim: I've had enough of you, Relena Peacecraft! Don't give my Mariemaia the wrong idea!
Dekim points a gun at Relena.
Relena: Shoot me if you want! I have nothing to lose.
Dekim: Die, you insipid fool!
Dekim fires his gun at Relena. Mariemaia pushes Relena out of the way and runs directly into Dekim's bullet.
Relena: !! Mariemaia!
Dekim takes aim at Relena again.  
Une: Dekim, you monster!
Dekim: Hmph! I can find another Mariemaia. I picked up that girl on the stre--
Lady Une shouts out at Dekim, and draws her sidearm, taking aim. A shot is fired, and Dekim falls to the ground. A soldier of Mariemaia's Army stands to the side, holding a pistol and shaking slightly.
Treize Loyalist: The traitor’s been executed. My apologies to General Treize.
Relena: Mariemaia! I was wrong... I'm sorry.
The soldier salutes, and the remaining soldiers follow his lead.
Heero: I’ll release you from your pain.
Heero speaks from the dark corner of the room, and Relena turns around, surprised, and sees Heero holding a gun, which is pointed a Mariemaia.
Relena: Heero!
Mariemaia: Thank you...
Mariemaia: ....
Heero fires an empty gun at Mariemaia, symbolically killing her and her past. Mariemaia closes her eyes and smiles.
Heero: I killed her. That little girl. I didn't mean to... I won't kill again...
Relena: Heero!
Relena runs to catch an unconscious and falling Heero and she grabs him as he collapses.
Relena: It's over.
Dawn breaks across the skyline of the city, revealing the profiles of Deathscythe, Heavyarms and Sandrock. Duo is standing on a grassy hill, detonator in hand and looking at the Gundams.
Duo: Well Deathscythe, old buddy... This is it!
He depresses the plunger on the detonator, and the three mobile suits disintegrate in front of Trowa, Duo and Quatre.
Duo: So long, Gundams.
Trowa: I'm a no name again.
Quatre: You should stay "Trowa." It suits you.
Duo: I agree! Everyone needs a name. Relax. Besides, we have a place to go back to. Right?
Trowa: Yeah.
Quatre: Uh-huh.
In China, Gundam Altron explodes in plume of smoke as Wufei watches from a far distance.
Wufei: Nataku... Rest in peace.
He turns, and Sally is standing behind him, dressed in a Preventers uniform.
Sally: Wufei. Noin and Zechs have disappeared. I could use your help if you're looking for a job.
Wufei: Preventers? Why not.
Above Earth's atmosphere in a small shuttle. Zechs and Noin, in Preventers space uniforms, are sitting at the controls of the craft.
Noin: Mars? Are you sure? The terraforming isn't finished yet.
Zechs: It's another one of Relena's crazy crusades. What else is an old warrior like me going to do? You know you don't have to come with me, Noin.
Noin: Don't make me say again, Zechs.
Zechs: ....
The shuttle takes off for space.
Int. Meeting hall. Relena stands before a large video screen with the image of the "Mars Terraforming Project" behind her and many people in attendance in the room listening to her speech. In the wings of the stage, wearing dark glasses and a suit and wearing a communication earpiece, is Heero Yuy.
Title: AC 197: Peace came back to people.
Title: The boys paved the way to a new future.
Over the ending title, one last snapshot for each character…
Lady Une, dressed in civilian clothing, pushing a wheelchair-bound Mariemaia in front of a gravestone.
Duo, dressed in s uniform shirt and cap with Gundam 20th on the front and carrying a clipboard, stands near a scrap yard on a colony while Hilde stands on a pile of parts, carrying a bag and calling to Duo.
Catherine waves at the audience while Trowa, dressed as a clown, takes a bow in the circus spotlight.
Quatre sits at a corporate desk, dressed in a suit and tie, reading a page held in his right hand and typing with his left.
Sally Po points to the left and shouts as Wufei Chang, now also wearing a Preventers uniform, crosses his arms over his chest and doesn’t react.
Zechs is sitting in the pilot’s seat of the shuttle, dressed in a Preventer spacesuits, while Noin, similarly dressed, leans casually over the back of his seat.
Title: The weapon called Gundam was never used again.
Heero and Relena stand next to each other against the background of a starry sky.
Title: Gundam Wing Endless Waltz
Heero and Relena stand next to each other against the background of a starry sky, but now they are standing closer to each other, their back is turned to the viewer, and a shooting star is moving across the sky.
Title: The End

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