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Endless Waltz Manga: Earth Under Siege

Ext. Earth, Outside Brussels: Dorothy Catalonia looks to the sky. Shooting stars fall to the ground along with the falling snow. The Serpent troops are landing in Brussels.
Dorothy: Looks like angels have come down with the snow. Hee-hee, it's beautiful… It's going to be a very memorable Christmas.
Title: #4 Earth Under Siege.
Ext. Earth, Brussels: Serpent troops are landing in the streets.
Civilian 1: Enemy MS! Were under attack!
Civilian 2: There’s no peace on Earth this Christmas! Run!
Earth, Brussels, Presidential Residence: Dekim and his troops welcome Mariemaia and Relena to the ESUN headquarters.
Title: Brussels, the E.S.U.N. Executive Mansion
Mariemaia: Nice work, Dekim.
Dekim: Thank you Madam. The president fled the capital in the wake of our attack, as expected. The E.S.U.N. is yours to rule. Welcome Vice Foreign Minister. So nice of you to join us.
Relena: I'm just relieved that the colony didn't drop on Earth.
Mariemaia: You have nothing more to worry about. I’LL be governing the Earth now.
Relena: ....
Flashback moment to Heero, standing at the gate of an estate and speaking to Relena over his shoulder.
Heeero: I’ll be back when you need me.
End flashback.
Relena: Heero....
Heero flies the shuttle to meet up with Wing Zero, still encased it its protective wings.
Heero: Here she comes.
Heero abandons the shuttle and falls through space, landing and rolling down the surface of his Gundam until he manages to catch and hold on to the surface. Interior of Wing Zero: Heero, having shed his spacesuit, powers up his Gundam, disengages the propulsion unit, and Wing Zero emerges from its protective canopy and heads towards Earth.
Heero: Let's go, Zero! To Earth!
Earth, Brussels, Presidential Residence: The building begins to descend into the ground as Relena watches the passage of metal walls as they slide past her window. The entire building is lowered into the ground on a platform and a number of metal panels slide over the space above the building, securing it from attack. In the residence, Relena and Mariemaia talk about her plans as the building is secured.
MM Soldier: Gates One and Two are sealed! Shelter secure!
Relena: We’re underground?
Mariemaia: Uh-huh. The president's mansion lowers into an underground bunker. Now my castle’s perfect. Are you surprised such a building still existed in your time of peace? History is like a waltz… a never-ending dance in three-four time. The three steps of war, peace, and revolution. An endless waltz. But my coronation will change history. At the end of AC 196. I’ll be in charge of the Earth Sphere. A new era begins with the new year.
Ext. Altron is floating in space above Earth, Wufei sleeps in the cockpit.
Title: L5 China Colony, Prior to Operation Meteor.
Flashback to Wufei’s colony at the L5 point. Wufei is arguing with the Clan elders.
Wufei: You're going to drop Altron on Earth with that colony?! Is that what Nataku is for, Master O?!
Master O: Master Ran and I have decided... it's for the best.
Wufei: No way! You say you built Nataku to defend the colony... that isn’t justice! Why aren’t we protecting our home?! We should confront OZ in space and protect our people!
Master Ran: Chang... you are right. I leave it up to you. Find justice with Altron.
Wufei: Yes, master!
Wufei: I’m Chang Wufei! I won't run or hide! I am justice!
Flashback ends, and Wufei awakes to the sight of the approaching Wing Zero.
Wufei: There he comes!
Altron launches itself towards Wing Zero and attacks the other Gundam.
Heero: Altron Gundam?
Wufei: Heero! I won’t let you go to Earth!
Heero: Chang! Why are you helping Mariemaia?!
Wufei: I don't accept Relena Peacecraft!
Wufei continues to fight Heero above Earth's atmosphere.
Wufei: Do you honestly believe the giving up weapons and soldiers means peace?!
Heero: !!
Wufei: Humans didn't change after beating the enemy. Nothing's changed! We just took away the weapons, not the will!
Heero: …….
Wufei: Real peace can't be given! It must be learned! If you want to interfere, you'll have to go through ME!
Heero: Chang!
Flashback to: Interior of a large darkened room containing the Gundam Deathscythe, resting prone on a transport platform.
Title: L2 secret MS storage prior to Operation Meteor.
Duo places multiple explosive charges on the body of the MS. He sets the final explosive and runs outside of the room to stand behind a doorframe.
Duo: There. The bomb’s in place. That oughta do it. Sorry Deathscythe. But it's time for you to face the reaper!
He holds the detonator control in his hand and prepares to depress the plunger with his thumb.
Duo: Huh? It's not going off! Come on, you stupid bomb, explode!
Duo turns to look back in the room at Deathscythe.
Prof G: Duo. It's no use. I took out the fuses.
Duo turns around in surprise and sees Professor G standing in front of him. Professor G drops a set of fuses to the floor.
Duo: Professor G.!! Darn it! You knew all along, didn't you?!
Prof G: Deathscythe’s a piece of art. Why blow it up?
Duo: I won't let it be used for mass-murder.
Duo turns back to look at Deathscythe, and while is attention is diverted, Professor G walks up to Duo and pulls a pistol from the folds of Duo's shirt.
Duo: Oh!
Prof G: So, would you have killed me to?
Duo: If your plan gets carried out… it will be the death of peace for the entire colony.
Prof G: Then why don't you outsmart me instead? Steal Deathscythe!
Duo: What?
Prof G tosses the pistol back to Duo and walks away.
Prof G: Forget about Operation Meteor. Go to Earth on your own... as Death.
Duo: "Death" sounds better than mass murder.
End flashback and return to the interior of the containment cell on X-18999. He is sitting, and his hands are cuffed together in front of him.
Duo: Well... it was nice of them to let me rest in here... but I've got work to do.
He reaches into the hair behind his ear and retrieves a small black object (presumably a small explosive charge).
Duo: Heh heh heh Hasta la vista!
Duo kicks the cell door on top of the two guards stationed outside of it, and runs for the shuttle bay, tossing his handcuffs behind him.
Duo: Aiee!
Duo sees the shuttle.
Duo: That must be it!
Duo enters the cockpit and finds Trowa sitting at the controls.
Duo: You left me in that cell to rot, you bastard!
Trowa: You got out alright, didn't you?
Sally walks up to the control bridge of the shuttle where Trowa and Duo are waiting.
Sally: All of the hostages have been rescued! Oh, hi, Duo.
Trowa: Let's go.
Duo: Oh, I get it.
Sally: Thanks, Duo... for leading a piece of the pie for me.
Duo: Ha, ha, very funny. You guys suck!!
Int. Preventers headquarters on Earth. Zechs and Une stand in front of a bank of video monitors and agents update them on the status of events.
Title: Preventers HQ.
Agents: The hostages on X-18999 have been rescued, sir! The executive mansion is heavily shielded. Vulkanus is in Earth orbit!
Another officer approaches and salutes Zechs.
Officer: Tallgeese III is ready, sir!
Zechs: Good!
Une: One Tallgeese can't beat 470 Serpents.
Zechs: It's worth trying.
Une: Vulkanus has 314 MD Virgos. They could help you.
Zechs: If you don't belay that order, I'll kill you now.
Une: ....
Zechs: By using MD, we’d be making the same mistake as White Fang.
Une: Then how do you handle all those serpents?
Zechs: I told you before -- I'm going to fight them my way. Sit back and enjoy the show.
Une stands back and watches as Zechs leaves the room.
Ext. Earth’s atmosphere. Wufei and Heero continue to attack each other with their Gundams.
Heero: Stop it, Chang! This is useless!
Wufei: Coward! Are you a fighter or not?!
The fight continues, even as the two mobile suits begin to fall through Earth's atmosphere.
Wufei: You and I are the same! We only feel alive when in battle! And we live only to fight! That is the Warrior’s way!
Heero: Chang, our battle’s over. Treize is gone. You killed him.
Flashback to moments of Treize and Wufei dueling.
Treize: Wufei, my eternal friend, I am proud to have fought with you...
Wufei: [crying] No! No! No!! I'm still fighting him! My war isn’t over!
On Earth in the city Brussels outside of the Presidential Residence: Zechs, in the Tallgeese III, and Noin, in the white Taurus mobile suit, fight against the Serpent mobile suits of Mariemaia's Army.
Zechs: You don't have to do this, Noin.
Noin: No, I'll stay by your side, always. I lost you once a year ago. I won't let it happen again.
Zechs: ...Okay.
Noin: There’s too many! We can't get through!
Zechs: I know, but we must do this, or no one will stand up for peace! Like the Gundam boys.
Ext. Space. In the resource satellite Vulkanus, now positioned above Earth. Sandrock, Deathscythe, and Heavyarms are all activated and awaiting the descent to Earth.
Quatre: Are you guys ready?!
Duo: Ready when you are!
Trowa: We’re doing Operation Meteor our way.
Quatre: Here we go!
Sandrock slices open with bay door with two strikes of its shotels and the three Gundams fly through the atmosphere and towards Brussels.

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