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Endless Waltz Manga: Operation Meteor

Title: #3 Operation Meteor.
Int. MO III control bridge. Zechs' image shows up on the control bridge monitor, and Zechs addresses Dekim.
Zechs: This is Preventer Wind. Step down immediately.
Dekim: Zechs Merquise… So, you're not dead.
Zechs: I was dead, but with Treize’s ghost around… I can't be sleeping in a coffin!
Zechs: Quinze told me about you, Dekim Barton. Your war is over. Stand down your troops now.
Dekim: Go ahead and fire, Zechs.
Zechs: What?
Dekim: The serpent troop isn't the only trick we have up our sleeves! Didn’t Quinze tell you? Operation meteor was my idea!
Zechs: X-18999!
Dekim: That's right! We can drop the colony, anytime we want!
Dekim: Stay out of our way or will drop the colony!
Dekim: Better yet, why don't you abandon your foolish ideals and join us? But I have no intention of handing over our leadership to you as Quinze did. You may serve as a soldier in Her Majesty's army!
Zechs: Dekim.
Dekim: Launch the troops!
Comm. Officer: But, sir!
Dekim: Do it! He's powerless against Operation Meteor!
MO III deploys the Serpent transport ships, and they proceed uncontested towards Earth.
Inside X18999, Heero and Duo, both carrying machine guns, reach an access door. Heero works at gaining access to the room and works on the control panel next to the door.
Duo: Operation Meteor?! With this colony?!
Heero: Right. Their occupation forces already on its way to Earth. So, Mariemaia and Relena left the colony as well.
Ext. Space. A space shuttle moves from X-18999 towards Earth, escorted by Gundam Altron. Inside the shuttle, Relena and Mariemaia are seated next to each other.
Relena: …Drop X-18999 on the earth?! The colony’s almost 13 miles long! You’ll kill millions of innocent people! You must stop! You can't go through in this!
Mariemaia: Relax minister. I won't have to… If the people of Earth obey me.
Relena: Do you honestly believe they’ll obey you?
Mariemaia: If YOU were to crown me then yes, I think they would.
Relena: What?!
Mariemaia: As Vice Foreign Minister, the colonists trust you, Relena. You have more influence than you realize.
Relena: So, that's why you kidnapped me.
Mariemaia: Hee hee. That's right.
Relena: You’d go this far to control the Earth. Is that what Treize would have done?
Mariemaia: Not quite. I'm not going to fail.
Relena: You should think about the consequences of war.
Mariemaia: Behave yourself. Don't make me say it again.
As the shuttle nears Earth, Altron waits in the atmosphere while the shuttle continues on to Luxembourg.
Int. Altron's cockpit.
Wufei: Earth… Show me true justice.
Ext. of the interplanetary transport ship, now nearing the resource satellite, Vulkanus.
Rasid: Sir, we’ll be in range of Vulkanus in 20 seconds! You have a 5 second window during which our speeds will match. If it gets too dangerous, abort!
Quatre: Thank you, Rasid.
Exterior of the interplanetary transport ship, now showing a cannon-type device in an opening it its side. Quatre is in his spacesuit and waiting near the cannon.
Quatre: There! Vulkanus! Begin the countdown!
Rasid: 5 4 3 2 1 0
The interplanetary transport ship moves into alignment with the satellite. Rashid fires the cannon at the resource satellite. A projectile point with a guide wire attached, impacts the satellite and the wire snaps tights between the two objects in space. Quatre rides the wire towards the satellite, but the line snaps….
Rasid: Sir! Mr. Winner!
Quatre: I'm fine… I made it.
Rasid: Phew...
Quatre: Thank you, guys.
Quatre: Use Venus’s gravity to slingshot back to Earth. I'll see you back at home when this is over! Take care! Say hello to Venus for me!
The interplanetary transport ship pulls away from the resource satellite, and Quatre is seen standing on an access doorway on the outside of the satellite before moving through the interior corridors on the way to the Gundams.
Rasid: You be careful, Master Winner!
Quatre reaches the Gundams and removes the helmet from his space suit and looks down at the four mobile suits.
Quatre: Phew. It's hotter than a desert in here.
Quatre: Hello. We meet again... Good old Sandrock. I thought I'd never need to take you into battle again.
Flashback to the start of Operation Meteor: Professor H and Quatre, dressed in a spacesuit, are standing in a room wilt computer and communication equipment. Professor H is giving Quatre the final set of instructions before Quatre leaves in Sandrock for Earth.
Title: AC 195, prior to Operation Meteor.
Title: L-4 Colony, Winner’s secret plant.
Quatre: Self detonating?
Prof H: Yes, I installed it in Sandrock.
Quatre: Is it for protecting secrets?
Prof H: No, it's for the pilot. Anyone with this much power must be prepared to use it.
Quatre: I don't get it.
Prof H: Uh huh. Of course not.
Prof H: Hm?
Quatre: Is it an order?
Prof H: Yes, but... Forget it!
Professor H punches through the monitor with his fist, and rips the microphone from the console.
Prof H: Quatre, let your heart lead you.
Quatre: Instructor H...
Prof H: Use this device only when you need it.
Quatre: Yes, sir!
Professor H watches from an observation window as Quatre moves through the low-gravity environment in the mobile suit bay towards Sandrock's cockpit.
Prof H: How can I take away his innocence and compassion? He may have to endure much worse than Operation Meteor…
Flashback ends, and Quatre is back on Vulkanus at the control panel of the satellite.
Quatre: All set. Here we go.
He presses a button on the console.
Quatre: Now, if I detonate the reactor, it should give me enough momentum to return to Earth.
He presses another button, which sets off a second explosion.
Quatre: Alright! It worked! Here I come guys! Hang in there!
Int. X18999, Mariemaia's soldiers run through a corridor, yelling and trying to get ahead of a series of explosions, Heero and Duo, both carrying machine guns, turn the corner and run down the hallway together, only to be halted by a number of Mariemaia's soldiers who return their gunfire as they move through the halls.
Duo: Uh oh! The colony’s getting unstable.
Heero: Two more guards heading this way.
Heero: I've got a bad feeling about this. We have to get to the control room and find out what's going on.
Duo: Don't worry, we'll get there. I've got a few tricks left.
Duo: Take a bite of this!
Soldiers: Waah!
Duo: Let's move!
Duo: They can't be trying to… resurrect Operation Meteor?!
…Images of the proposed Operation Meteor illustrate Trowa’s speech.
Trowa: Operation Meteor... the colonists’ plan to send Gundam to Earth... but originally it was something entirely different. They had planned to drop an entire colony onto the planet, killing millions of people and upsetting the eco-system... and in the ensuing chaos, the Gundams would take control of the earth. THAT was the real Operation Meteor! And now Dekim's trying to recreate it!
Int. X18999, Heero and Duo hold off the soldiers with a combination of grenades and gunfire, and reach the control room access door.
Duo: This is it!
Heero: Yeah.
The control room door slides open, revealing a number of Mariemaia's soldiers lying on the floor, and Trowa sitting alone at the primary control panel.
Duo: !!
Duo: Trowa!
Trowa: You are late.
Duo: What a relief! He is on our side.
Trowa: Give me a hand hacking into the network. The system’s locked. I can't stabilize the colony.
Heero and Duo both sit at access terminals and work with Trowa to gain control of the system.
Duo: We're on it!
Heero: We've got to hurry. Mariemaia's troops are already on their way to Earth.
Duo: I can't get past this last firewall. I’ll have to connect to the circuit directly.
Trowa: There are 9000 people in the colony, including my friends, who would all die from operation meteor. I won't let that happen!
Heero: Is that why you joined them?
Trowa: Yeah. As soon as I uncovered Dekim’s plan, I vowed to do whatever would take to stop him. But when I got here, I found that I was almost too late. I had to win their trust, and fast, if I was ever going to stop this.
Duo: Is that why you attacked me?
Duo craws under a computer panel and begins to rewire computer lines.
Heero: That's right.
Duo: Then you should win an Oscar. I thought you were going to kill me.
A line sparks, and Duo gets an electrical shock from the connected wires.
Duo: Yow!
Trowa: We’re losing altitude! Life-support can't hold up!
Heero: I've almost got it... Duo, can you bypass that circuit?
Duo: Circuits switched!
Trowa: Reactivate the control program, now!
Duo crawls out from under the computer unit.
Trowa: We did it.
Duo: Ooh yeah!
Duo makes a call to the Preventer Shuttle.
Duo: This is Duo, calling Preventer Fire.
Int. Preventer shuttle: Noin and Sally are both looking at the monitor.
Noin: Really?! You stopped Operation Meteor?! X-18999's not crashing into the Earth! Good work boys!
Ext. MO III, Zechs powers up the Tallgeese III's mega cannon, and fires at MO III.
Zechs: This is "Wind!" Now that Dekim’s backup plan has been foiled... there's nothing stopping me from destroying MO-III! Mega cannon! Fire!
MO III explodes into a fireball, but Dekim's personal shuttle escapes just in time and heads to Earth.
Dekim: Heh, heh, heh. You're too late, Zechs. The assault force has already landed. ‘Til we meet again!
Tallgeese III hovers in space next to the fireball that used to be MO III, unable to pursue a craft moving that fast.
Zechs: Blast, I was too late...
Int. Control room of X18999.
Heero: The enemy is on Earth. But at least, we saved the colony.
Trowa: Yeah.
Duo: Where’s Chang anyway? He's trying to stop Dekim too, right?
Heero: No. He wouldn't waste his time like that.
MM Soldiers: [from the other side of the control room door] You're surrounded! Come out with your hands up!
Trowa: It's all over.
Duo: Not just yet... special delivery from Quatre. Check this out.
Duo brings up a recorded message on the video monitor.
Quatre: This is Quatre! Vulkanus is on its way to Earth. It will reach Earth orbit in 24 hours.
Heero: Tell him to launch Zero... to coordinates, H-E-S-88.
Duo: What?!
Heero: I’ll pick it up in space. It'll be faster that way.
MM Soldiers: This is your last warning.
Duo: Got it.
Trowa: Take the shuttle in Gate 4
Heero: Duo, I have one more favor to ask.
Duo: Go ahead. I'll do anything.
Heero: Hit me.
Duo: Uh... say what?
MM Soldiers: Break down the door!
Heero: Do it now.
Duo: Well... alright. You asked for it!
Duo throws a punch at Heero's face…
Duo: Hiya!  
…And Heero counters with an upward blow to Duo's solar plexus, leaving Duo gasping.
Duo: Oof! What the...?
Heero: Sorry, friend. Now were even.
Heero shifts Duo's unconscious body to Trowa.
Heero: Got it?
Trowa: Yeah.
Heero lies down on the floor in front of Trowa, feigning unconsciousness as Mariemaia's soldiers force the door to the room open.
MM Soldiers: Don't move!
The soldiers enter the room and see Trowa holding Duo, and Heero on the floor in front of them.
MM Soldiers: Sir?!
Trowa: Don't worry. I took I took care of them.
Heero launches to his feet and pushes the soldiers out of the way as he runs for the door and escapes.
MM Soldiers: Huh?! Hey! Stop him!
Trowa makes no comment.
Trowa: ...
Int. resource satellite Vulkanus. Quatre stands in a control booth above a launch bay and sends Wing Zero on its flight to meet Heero.
Quatre: Alright, Wing. Fly to Heero.

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