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Colony X-18999

Ext. Space. A Taurus transport with a red spacecraft attached to its framework speeds on its way to X18999.
Duo: We fought hard to achieve peace. Someone's got to fight to maintain it… Right, Heero?
Duo looks over at Heero, who is sleeping in the co-pilot’s chair next to him.
Duo: Heero? Oh, you're asleep. You act like a machine when you're awake, but when you're sleeping you almost look… human.
Title: #2 Colony X-18999.
Flashback to: Interior of a colony and an aerial view of an Alliance base with multiple buildings. Heero is running away from a tall wire security fence that encloses the compound.
Title: AC 194, Two Years Ago.
Heero: I must destroy the alliance base.
Heero: The bomb is set. I'll finish the job tonight.
He runs across a grassy park next to the facility, tumbles to the ground and lays on the grass in the field, watching the clouds pass in front of the view of the colony above him, arms and legs extended.
Heero: Phew.
The voice of a young girl interrupts his rest.
Little Girl: Are you lost? Well are you?
Heero: …Yeah, I've been lost all my life.
Heero sits up, and the girl reveals that she's wearing a dress with a sun hat, and holding a yellow flower in one hand, and a leash attached to a young puppy in the other.
Little Girl: Oh… I'm sorry. I'm not lost. I'm walking Mary.
Heero: Okay. Good girl, Mary.
The little girl waits next to Heero, and Heero pets her puppy.
Little Girl: Yeah. Cheer up.
The puppy pulls the little girl off in another direction, and she follows, shouting and laughing at the dog as she runs. She waves back at Heero.
Little Girl: Bye!
Switch to same military facility, now after dark, and Heero is standing next to the perimeter fence and holding a detonation switch. He presses the switch with his thumb. Explosions cascade through the Alliance facility.
Heero: Mission accomplished.
A mobile suit collapses over the fence and crashes into a nearly residential building.
Heero: Oh, no! The explosion hit the residential quarters!
Switch to same scene, now daylight, and Heero walks through the cooled rubble and bent steel of the buildings and looks over the wreckage of the buildings.
Heero: I went too far.
His eyes settle on the dead body of Mary, the little girl's puppy. He picks up the body of the puppy and cradles it to his chest.
Heero: ….
Switch to view of Heero, walking slowly in a spotlight, still cradling the body of the puppy and holding his flower. While he walks, Dekim Barton and Dr. J discuss the outcome of Heero's mission.
Dekim: That boy? He's too green for Operation Meteor.
Dr. J: Gundam is a symbol of peace, not a bringer of death!
Dekim: This is war! Forget compassion. He's not ready to fight!
Dr. J: You're wrong. I’ll make him the best pilot we've ever had. But is wiping out humans on the Earth what the real Heero Yuy wanted?
End flashback and return to an interior view of the shuttle cockpit and of Heero waking from sleep.
Heero: Heero Yuy.
Duo: Hey, Heero! You awake? The little girl’s speech is starting.
They both turn their attention to the monitor in front of them.
Mariemaia: Attention people of the earth sphere!
Heero: Mariemaia Barton.
Mariemaia: We at Colony X-18999 seek independence and declare war against the E.S.U.N.! I’m the true heiress to the E.S.U.N. -- the daughter of Treize Khushrenada -- Mariemaia Khushrenada!
Int. Lady Une's office, she is sitting at her desk.
Une: What?! The general had a daughter?
Lady Une’s phone rings and she answers the call.
Une: That's what she said.
Zechs: Is that possible?!
Ext. Snowy night in a city plaza. Zechs Merquise stands next to a sports car and watches a large video screen on the outside of a building that is broadcasting Mariemaia’s speech. He is speaking on a cell phone with Une.
Zechs: Lady Une, if I'm going to investigate, I need code name. How about "Wind" for putting out a fire? I'll also be needing an MS. how about Treize's last suit, "Tomboy"?
Une: Agreed, "Wind." Here's your assignment…
Ext. view of the interplanetary transport ship manned by Quatre and the Maganacs, followed by an interior view of the main command cabin.
Title: Meanwhile somewhere near Venus, Quatre and his Maganac guard are in pursuit of the resource satellite Vulkanis, which carries the Gundam units towards the sun.
Quatre: Once again, we need the Gundams to solve our problems. We never should have tried to destroy them.
Rashid: No one could have expected this, Master Quatre.
Quatre: Let's focus on our mission. You're right, Rashid.
Auda: The plan will work without a hitch, sir. This ship is the fastest transport in the Earth Sphere. We’ll catch up.
Quatre: I hope you're right. We can't afford to fail. The Gundams of the key to solving this crisis. I'll bring them back no matter what.
Int. Preventer shuttle near X-18999.
Sally: We're in X-18999 territory. Let's see what our scanners pick up.
Noin: Look! An unidentified shuttle is approaching the colony
Sally: The MD will shoot it down!
Noin: Attention shuttle, fall back immediately! You’re in danger!
Duo: Hey, girls! Funny meeting you out here?!
Sally: Duo!
Noin: Heero!
Duo appears in a video communication window and waves at Sally and Noin.
Duo: We heard there was a party, so we decided to drop in uninvited!
Sally: But without your Gundams you're terribly outmatched!
Duo: Hey, give us some credit. Well, gotta run! We’ll leave a piece of pie for ya!
Noin: Duo!
Duo ends the transmission and the screen fades to static and then disappears.
Sally: I guess we'll have to give them some backup.
Noin: I just hope they know what they're getting into.
Sally: Those two? They'll be fine. I’m glad they're here.
Duo and Heero's shuttle approaches X18999 and comes under fire from the Mobile Doll troops surrounding the colony.
Duo: Here comes the welcome wagon. Release the micro missiles!
The shuttle evades fire and continues to approach the colony.
Duo: How do you like them apples?!
The fire from the Mobile Dolls increases.
Duo: Uh oh! Looks like we missed a few!
Heero: I'm counting on you, Duo.
Duo: You're counting on me? I like the sound of that!
The shuttle takes direct fire as it nears the docking bay of the colony. The spacecraft separates from the Taurus carrier, and the Taurus carrier smashes against the side of the colony, while the shuttle lands in the docking bay.
Duo: Goal!
Noin and Sally pilot the Preventer shuttle out of the area.
Noin: I can’t believe it. They actually made it.
Sally: Good! Now, let's get out of here.
Ext. X-18999.
Security: Security alert! Intruders in Section W-359!
Security: Two Leos have been captured! Respond immediately!
Int. X-18999, followed by a view of the outside of an estate building. Then the interior of the building, and Relena and Mariemaia. Relena watches as Mariemaia consults privately with one of her soldiers.
Relena: What's going on?
Mariemaia: Nothing to concern yourself with, Relena.
Now, I believe I have a dance to get to. Come along. It's too noisy here.
Relena: Heero?
Colony interior: Heero and Duo (now in Leo MS), are under fire from a squad of Mariemaia's soldiers, also in Leos. Duo and Heero maintain contact with each other via the video monitors in the interior of their mobile suits, but the battle forces them in opposite directions.
Duo: These Leos aren’t bad, but they're not going to last as long as our Gundams!
Heero: Let's take out as many as we can and move in.
Duo: Roger!
Duo and Heero head off in different directions. Duo flies his mobile suit to the end of a corridor, a door opens, and a Serpent mobile suit stands waiting.
Duo: Whoh! A new MS?
Duo's mobile suit moves away from the wall and attacks the Serpent MS.
Duo: YAA!
Duo: That technique! It can't be!
The new suit opens fire on Duo. Duo takes evasive action, taking shelter behind an outcropping in the wall as he studies the new suit… and begins to recognize the soldier he faces.
Duo: There's only one pilot with moves like that… Trowa Barton!
Trowa: ….
Trowa opens fire on Duo.
Duo: No! Don't!
Heero pilots his MS down a long empty corridor.
Heero: This is too easy…
He turns the corner and finds Altron Gundam blocking his path,
Heero: !! Altron Gundam!
Wufei: I've always wanted to fight you, Heero Yuy.
Heero: Wufei.
Wufei is now wearing the uniform of Mariemaia's Army. Wufei attacks Heero, and Heero responds.
Wufei: Are you sure you're on the right side?!
Heero: What?!
Wufei: Are you sure you're fighting on the right side?!
Heero: You're out of control, Chang. Self-destruct, now!
Wufei: Yaaah!
Wufei knocks Heero’s MS to the ground.
Wufei: Is that the best you can do with a Leo? I expected better from the pilot of Wing Zero.
Heero's mobile suit drops back from the fight, and Heero, wearing a spacesuit, emerges from the cockpit to address Wufei.
Heero: We’re Gundam pilots. We can't let ourselves lose control.
Heero: I’ll tell you again… self-destruct!
Wufei: Hrmph.
Duo's Leo takes a direct hit and is thrown backward to the ground by the force of the Serpent's attack. In the interior of Duo's mobile suit, Duo tries to reason with Trowa.
Trowa: …..
Duo: Trowa?! How could you betray us?!
The Serpent's shoulder cannons take aim at Duo's mobile suit.
Trowa: Trowa… Who's that?
The Serpent fires, and the missiles head directly at Duo's mobile suit.
Duo: Missiles?! Is this it?!
Flashback to: A Leo mobile suit walks slowly through a wooded area along with a troop of other mobile suits. Switch to an interior view of a much younger Trowa at the controls of the mobile suit. He is wearing a green army fatigue jacket and a cross on a chain.
Trowa: I'm not Trowa Barton. I'm just a nameless soldier who's always in a battlefield. I've been piloting MS since I was ten.
Exterior of a colony, and then an interior view of a large room with the Gundam Heavyarms.
Trowa: Somehow I ended up working at a secret Gundam plant in colony L-3. I worked as a guard for Heavyarms. The real Trowa Barton was there.
Trowa Barton (Dekim's son) is addressing Doctor S and his assistant.
Trowa Barton: What?! Target only OZ? You're changing the plan Doktor S!
Doktor S: Operation meteor will kill 20 billion people on Earth. Isn't that going too far?
Trowa Barton: The colonies are meant to rule the Earth Sphere. We’ll take humanity to new heights.
Doktor S: That sounds like your father, Dekim talking.
Trowa Barton: You don't want us to take the earth, do you traitor?! You're jealous, the once we take over, the Barton family will be in charge. I'm telling my father! I’ll carry out Operation Meteor, and the people of Earth --!
Doktor S's assistant shoots Trowa Barton in the chest. Trowa falls to the ground and dies.
Doktor S: Now you've done it!
Assistant: I'm sorry. I have family on Earth. I just couldn’t allow that to happen.
Doktor S hears the sounds of a someone else approaching.
Doktor S: Who's there?!
Trowa walks around a corner and towards the two men, hands raised. Doktor S's assistant points the gun at Trowa.
Trowa: I don't have a name. I'm nobody. Kill me if you want, but you'd be throwing away an opportunity.
Doktor S: Hold it! They'll find that anyway.
Doktor S reaches over and forces his assistant to lower the gun.
Assistant: Doktor S…..
Trowa: I don't care about taking the earth.
Doktor S: What?
Trowa: I could take his place. I could take his name.
Doktor S: You would pilot Heavyarms for him?
Trowa: I like this MS. Life here isn’t bad but… the battlefields suit me better.
Doktor S: Alright. From this day forth, you are Trowa Barton. You'll carry out operation your own way.
Trowa: Roger.
Flashback ends, and Trowa fires and turns his MS away from his battle with Duo.
Trowa: ….
In the cockpit of the Leo, Duo braces for the impact of the Serpent's missiles. The charge from the missiles' impact creates a burst of flame and smoke.
Duo: I'm alive?
Duo realizes that the missiles have created a hole in the wall of the colony. Duo opens the hatch on his suit and looks at the crater.
Duo: Well I’ll be. He made me an exit. Trowa… You coulda warned me!
Elsewhere on X18999, the charge from the missiles' impact sends a burst of flame and smoke exhaust down the corridors of the colony, and across the space between Wufei's Altron and Heero's Leo. When the smoke clears, Heero has disappeared.
Wufei: Heero! We’ll settle this later.
Ext. City. Back on Earth, scenes of the Christmas decorations and people in the streets of the city are followed by a view of Lady Une looking out at the city from the plate glass windows of her office, high above the city streets. It is snowing.
Une: War has been declared… but no one sees Mariemaia as a threat. The earth isn’t prepared for another attack. She’ll overthrew the Earth government in a matter of hours. General Khushrenada… I’ll save the Earth you loved.
Ext. Preventer shuttle in space. Switch to exterior view of the shuttle cockpit with Noin and Sally.
Noin: They're taking a roundabout route, but those Tauruses do seem to be heading towards Earth. Did you detect the new model mobile suit during our last battle?
Sally: No. Just Leos and Tauruses. He heat sensors show they were primarily mobile dolls.
Noin: That means that the main force with the new MS is somewhere else.
Sally: You mean…?
Noin: Yes. That first group was just a diversion.
Sally: So where is the main force?!
Exterior of MO III; then an interior showing Dekim standing on a command bridge.
Title: Resource satellite MO-III, Low Earth Orbit.
Dekim: Commence Operation Earth Seizure! I will not make the same mistake is Quinze. My plan is perfect!
The Serpent transports heading from MO-III to Earth begin to explode.
Dekim: The shuttles are under attack?! What the blazes is going on?!
Comm. Officer: MS ahead, sir! It's a… Tallgeese!
The Communications Officer brings up an image of the Tallgeese III on the monitor.
Dekim: That’s Treize’s Tallgeese! But Treize is dead. ….Zechs?!
Int. Tallgeese III cockpit.
Zechs: You'll never succeed, Dekim!
Int. MO III control bridge.
Dekim: Zechs Merquise is alive?!
Comm. Officer: Tallgeese is closing in on us! The Serpent troop can't intercept it in the atmosphere!
Int. Tallgeese III cockpit.
Zechs: I may not be a peaceful man… but I can be useful in bringing peace.

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