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Endless Waltz Manga: Mariemaia Barton

Ext. Space. View of space satellite Vulkanus in the distance.
Title: AC (after colony), 195. After the greatest war the world has ever known, the earth and the colonies chose to lay down their arms and peacefully coexist. Together they formed the Earth Sphere United Nation.
Title: Did they make the right choice?
Title: Can true peace be legislated to the people?
Switch to an interior view of the of a satellite, and four large coffin-like boxes, each containing one of the Gundams., and Duo and Quatre in spacesuits in the same room.
Title: Five young warriors, sent from the colonies to bring peace...
Title: Their machines of war have folded their wings and power down for the last time.
Title: Created to fight, they fought for peace and now… Now they sleep.
Title: They are Gundams.
Title: #1 Mariemaia Barton.
Duo: "This resource satellite’s got a one-way ticket to the sun, and I don't want to be around when it reaches its destination. Are you all set, Quatre?"
Quatre: "I'm ready. But I'm going to miss Sandrock."
Duo: "Now that people have embraced peace, we don't need our Gundams."
Quatre: "You're right. Heero and Trowa sent us their Gundams right away, but Wufei took his and vanished."
Return to exterior view of the satellite. Duo and Quatre are in the cockpit of a space shuttle, and they watch as the satellite moves off towards the sun.
Quatre: Goodbye Sandrock.
Duo: I'm gonna miss you, Deathscythe!
Quatre: I wonder… What is Wufei up to?
Duo: I don't know, but I'm sure our paths will cross again soon.
Int. Natural resources satellite MO-II. In a large room decorated for Christmas, a ceremony is being held to mark the first anniversary of the end of the war. Attending are Lady Une and Lucrezia Noin.
Title: Christmas Eve, AC 196 Resource Satellite MO-II
President: A year ago, we made a foolish mistake and entered a war which cost us the lives of many of our friends and loved ones. But we learned from our mistake and created a new era of peace! We must never forget the cost of this peace!
Title: President of the U.E.S.N.
Une: Last year, no one had the peace of mind to celebrate Christmas.
Noin: That's true. By the way, do you know where Minister Darlian is?
Une: She's away on official business.
Noin: Listen to him. The president just doesn't get it.
Noin: Establishing peace was the easy part. Maintaining it is the greater challenge.
Une: I think he understands better than you give him credit for, Noin.
Une: Otherwise, why would he fund our little group...? The Preventers.
Une: He's pretty intelligent... for democratically elected leader.
Noin’s pager beeps.
Noin: Excuse me. It's "Water."
Noin excuses herself to Une and walks away. Lady Une thinks to herself.
Lady: Do people have the will to maintain the peace? General Khushrenada... I'll do all I can to see that your death was not in vain.
Ext. Preventer spacecraft. Followed by an interior view showing Noin on a communications monitor, and Sally Po, dressed in a Preventers uniform, addressing the monitor.
Sally: I'm sorry to interrupt your party, Noin.
Noin: Don't worry about it, Sally. What's up?
Sally: Our worst fears have come true. We found parts made of Neo titanium.
Noin: Neo titanium? For MS armor?!
Sally: It could be a new mobile suit. "The 13th constellation." We're to find out who belongs to.
Noin: Roger! Let us know as soon as you find out more. Let's put out this fire before it gets out of control.
Ext. Colony X18999. Followed by views of the interior of the colony, showing many buildings in various stages of construction.
Title: L-3 Colony X-18999
L3 Diplomat: Vice Foreign Minister Darlian, our colony has only been around for seven years. We are still building the infrastructure that the older colonies can depend on. How can we continue to grow in this unstable economy? We need more funding!
Int. Conference room with colony delegates and Relena Darlian seated at a large table with a vidscreen showing the ESUN's President delivering his speech in the background.
Relena: Your people must understand that they are part of the E.S.U.N.
Relena: We are all members of the same nation. You can't maintain that your colony deserves more than any other.
L3 Diplomat: We need a new leader, Minister Darlian.
L3 Diplomat: Someone to look out for our interests.
Relena drinks from her teacup.
Relena: I disagree. We've... achieved... peace and...
Relena: ohh…freedom by…
Relena’s cup drops to the floor, and she slumps in her chair, unconscious. A squad of Mariemaia's soldiers enter the conference room.
L3 Diplomat: Take her away!
Soldier: Yes, sir!
Soldier: Now we have everything we need.
Soldier: Report to her highness!
Int. In a darkened room, Dekim Barton and Mariemaia Khushrenada watch the conclusion of the President's broadcast.
President: Many people died to bring us peace. We ensure that their sacrifice was not in vain!
Mariemaia: Heh, heh, heh!
Barton: A lasting peace... Noble sentiments, Mr. President. But are the people ready for it?
The monitor button is pressed.
Mariemaia: I suppose we'll have to teach them a lesson... Won't we, Dekim.
Barton: Of course, your Majesty.
Mariemaia: Tee hee!
The monitor now shows the emblem of the Mariamaia Army.
View of a room containing three Serpent mobile suits.
Title: New Heavy MS MMS-01 Serpent
Mariemaia: My father entrusted me with these Christmas presents. I must deliver them to the people of Earth.
Ext. Circus tent set up on a hill overlooking a colony city at night; followed by an interior shot of the tent, showing scattered families sitting on tall bleachers, watching the show. Catherine and Trowa look out at the crowd from behind a parted curtain.
Catherine: Trowa?
Catherine: This is creepy. We've always filled the seats before.
Catherine: Where is everyone?
Trowa: People here have other things to entertain them.
Catherine: Other things?
Trowa: Look...
Trowa points out a group of four men standing at the top of one of the bleachers.
Catherine: Who are they?
Trowa: I don't know but I'm going to find out.
Catherine: Trowa?
Catherine turns from looking at the men to question Trowa, but he has already left. She looks down and sees that Trowa has left his mask behind.
Ext. Circus tent: Trowa is attacking, and flattening, the men he noted earlier. He walks over and removes and reads the identification from one of the fallen men.
Trowa: Barton foundation... That guy’s up to no good again. Or could it be Rheia's daughter? That girl...
Flashback: Interior of a colony where Heavyarms is being prepared for Operation Meteor. Trowa, currently known as No-Name, is dressed as a technician and is working on the mobile suit when he is addressed by Dekim Barton's son.
Title: March, AC 195, L-S colony. Barton Foundation's Secret MS Factory.
Trowa Barton: Hey, you! No-name! How's my Heavyarms?
Trowa: Fine.
Trowa Barton: Let me show you something.
View of Trowa Barton with his arm wrapped around No-Name from behind. Trowa is holding a photograph of a woman with blurred features with her arm around a young girl and pointing out details in the image.
Trowa Barton: My sister's baby girl, Mariemaia. I thought she died with my sister, but they found her. After we take the Earth...
Trowa Barton: ...We're going to make her queen.
Trowa: Hmm... Mariemaia
End Flashback.  
Int. Colony. View of Trowa walking away from the circus and towards the city in the distance.
Ext. Space. Colony exterior.
Title: L-1 colony.
Fingers typing on a keyboard, and a picture of Maremaria [sic] Barton listing her as a member of The Barton Foundation.
Heero: Mariemaia Barton. Born in AC 189. Her mother died two years later. Father unknown.
Scene of a computer control room with Heero Yuy, dressed in civilian clothing, typing at a computer station. Duo Maxwell walks through the door to the room. He is wearing a party hat that says "Merry X-mas" on it, and is dangling a wrapped present from his fingers.
Duo: Working on Christmas buddy?!
Duo walks over and leans over Heero’s chair, reading the monitor screen over Heero’s shoulder.
Duo: Whoa! Where did you find all that info?
Heero: It's the Winner database. Quatre gave me access to it.
Duo: Trowa has a niece?
Heero: Apparently so. But remember… The Trowa we know is not the real Trowa Barton.
Duo: Yeah. You're right.
Heero gets up and walks away from the workstation, tossing his jacket over his shoulder and preparing to walk from the room.
Duo: Hey! Where [sic] you going?
Heero: Relena's been kidnapped.
Duo: So, you really do care about her. I always thought the two of you were—
Duo removes his party hat and talks to himself. He realizes that Heero has left the room, drops the hat on the desk, and calls for Heero to wait.
Duo: Hey, wait up!
Ext. Preventer shuttle. The shuttle is disguised as a standard transport shuttle, and Noin, dressed in her Preventer uniform, is sitting at the controls of the craft and responding to a static-filled communication window suspended in the window in front of her.
Sally: This is "Water." We located the source of the fire.
Noin: This is "Fire." Is it L-3?
Sally: How did you guess? Your instincts are always are impressive, as always.
Noin: It was easy enough, based on the evidence and hand. Were you able to find out which colony it is?
Sally: It's the new colony -- X-18999. They'll make their move in a few hours.
Noin: Who is their leader?
Sally: Mariemaia Barton.
Noin: Barton?
Sally: I have bad news. Minister Darlian disappeared while on a diplomatic mission to X-18999.
Noin: What?!
Noin: Sally, change the rendezvous point. Let's move!
Sally: Roger.
Switch back to the exterior rear view of Noin's spacecraft as it takes off into space.
Int. X-18999. Dekim Barton is addressing the troops of Mariemaia's Army in a large room amid a number of Serpent mobile suits. As Dekim speaks, our view moves over the mobile suits and the ranks of soldiers before resting on Trowa Barton, now dressed as a soldier of Mariemaia's Army.
Dekim: For the past year you've all suffered the injustice of the corrupt new government. But unlike the rest of the mindless masses, you have trained hard for a just cause! The time for action is now! Rally behind Mariemaia and we will establish a new order in the Earth Sphere! Today we take our first steps on the road to glory! Will awaken humanity’s true potential and usher in a grand new era of prosperity and order! But first we must illuminate the enemy who stands in our midst -- Trowa Barton!
Dekim draws a pistol points it directly at Trowa.
Trowa: Uh-oh.
Dekim fires at Trowa, but Trowa leaps into the air with an acrobatic twist, and lands on the same platform at Dekim, and raises his own gun to point at Dekim's heart, only to come face to face with Wufei Chang, dressed as a soldier of Mariemaia's Army. Wufei draws his sword and points it at Trowa.
Wufei: Hold it.
Trowa: Chang!
Trowa drops his pistol.
Trowa: Kill me.
Dekim: Heh, heh. We’re not the brutes you take us for. Join our cause like your friend here… and we'll spare your life, young Trowa Barton.
Trowa: Do you know why I call myself "Trowa Barton," Dekim?
Dekim: Of course, but I won't question your past. The future of humanity is more important than any personal grudge. We are fighting for her highness.
Trowa: I changed my name to enter her Majesty service because I thought you'd kill me if he knew who I was. If you ensure my safety… I’ll swear allegiance to your cause.
Wufei: …..
Dekim turns to address the troops once more, now with Trowa and Wufei standing behind him.
Dekim: Ha, ha, ha! Very well! You see, everyone, we represent justice! Even these two Gundam pilots choose to fight with us!
Dekim: Together will fight for the future of the Earth sphere!
Ext. X-18999: Day; interior of an office with Relena slowly waking on a sofa and sitting up with a slight groan; the camera view pulls back to reveal Mariemaia sitting in a high-backed chair at a nearby desk.
Relena: Uhh…
Mariemaia: Are you awake?
Relena: Who are you?
Mariemaia: My name's Mariemaia.
Mariemaia turns to face Relena, as Relena rises and approaches the desk.
Relena: Did they kidnap you, too?
Mariemaia: No. I was the one who ordered them to kidnap you.
Relena: What?
Mariemaia: You don't believe me? Of course, you don't know who I am. My name is Mariemaia Khushrenada.
Relena: Khushrenada?!
Mariemaia: That's right. My father was the OZ leader… Treize Khushrenada.
Relena: This can't be.
Mariemaia: It's true. I have the DNA tests to prove it. I believe in my father's vision. I will make it a reality.
Relena: I don't know who's been feeding you such lies, but you're mistaken.
Mariemaia: Enough! I don't have to listen to this! You're speaking to the future ruler of the Earth Sphere!
Relena: Then tell me, why did you bring me here?
Mariemaia: You were once known as Queen Relena. I could use your support when I address the people… To declare my rule over the Earth sphere.

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