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Gundam Wing:
Endless Waltz Manga: Prologue

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Endless Waltz

Tokyo Pop Edition
First Printing August 2002
Bound Printed USA Edition

History is like an endless waltz.

The three steps of...

War loomed over the earth sphere since the formation of the space colonies. Colonists immigrated to space to escape the conflicts of earth, but the very greed and corruption they fled soon followed. The United Earth sphere alliance (UESA) formed to govern earth and the colonies, but the new government was effectively an extension of the old Earth government, and thus looked out for terrestrial interests at the expense of the colonists. By AC150, dissident groups were arming themselves revolt against the earth sphere.

Peace came in the form of a single man -- Heero Yuy. In AC165, the colonists elected him their leader, and his message of colonial autonomy and pacifism spread quickly throughout the earth sphere. But some did not welcome peace. The Romafeller group, the military-industrial complex that controlled the UESA, had Yuy assassinated. In the unrest that followed, the Romafeller group unveiled its elite military force, OZ, which brought order to the colonies with an iron fist.

Revolution became the only option left to the colonists. Dissident leaders developed operation meteor, an apocalyptic plot to drop a colony onto the earth's surface, killing millions of people and disrupting the Earth government. Then, using the five strongest weapons ever constructed, the Gundams, colonial leadership would establish a new order. In AC 195, the plan was set in motion. But the Gundam pilots, led by a new Heero Yuy, disagreed with the dissident leaders on how to achieve peace. After nearly a year of battle, the pilots succeeded in bringing peace to the earth sphere once more. But it was a fragile peace, one that could be shattered at any time, and in the twilight in AC 196, that peace would be tested once and for all...


Heero Yuy
The one and only. A perfect soldier, Heero is prepared to die or kill to ensure the success of his mission -- an odd distinction for someone named after the peaceloving assassinated colonial leader.

Duo Maxwell
The wide-eyed warrior. Don't let the smile fool you. Put him behind the control of his Gundam Deathscythe, and he becomes the angel of death.

Trowa Barton
The enigma. Some say he wears a mask, and they're not just referring to the hair that hides his face. His calm exterior hides a pass that haunts into this day.

Quatre Raberba Winner
The peacemaker. A sensitive soul, he's no fan of violence. But make no mistake, if force is required, Quatre fights to win.

Chang Wufei
The martial arts warrior. He fights with the single-mindedness of purpose that only a martial artist knows. But with his own motivations guiding him, is allegiance is now questionable.

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