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Gundam Wing: Battlefield of Pacifists

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This manga takes place in the time between the events at the close of the Gundam Wing Television Series, but before Endless Waltz. In this release by Koichi Tokita and Katsuhiko Chiba, the Gundam pilots fight to keep a group of OZ soldiers and the Perfect Peace People (the remnants of White Fang), from acquiring a fleet of Mobile Dolls protected by a new OZ mobile suit. Released in Japan in 1997, and translated into a series of five comics from Mixx Manga from October 2001-February 2002, and in a graphic novel from Mixx Manga Pocket Editions in March 2002.


Captain Broden is a career military officer of OZ, 42 years old, who wanted to use the mobile suit manufacturing facility Vulkanus as a catalyst for human progress. He and his men refused to surrender in the wake of the end of the war, remaining loyal to Treize until the very end. He befriends Wufei, is killed by Klementz during the battle over possession of Vulkanus, and this event  inspires Wufei to join Mariemia's Army.

Lieutenant who reports to Captain Broden. He is a undercover agent for the Perfect Peace People and eventually kills Broden.

Victor Gaintz
Leader of Perfect Peace People, 31 years old, theorist and pacifist, and former member of White Fang. Victor disagreed with Quinze over the decision of Zechs as the White Fang's leader, and quit the White Fang in protest. He emerged as the leader of a new splinter group calling themselves the Perfect Peace People. In his quest to eliminate all obstacles in his route to domination, he demands the elimination of the Gundams, claiming that the pilots could lose control and take over. He finds Vulkanus and Scorpio, and Heero eventually kills him by using Gundam Wing Zero after using the Zero System to determine Victor's eventual goals. (Last name translated as Guentz in some sources.)


Battlefield of Pacifists Manga

Perfect Peace People

The Scorpio is an unusually large MS with strong armor designed by OZ for guarding the Vulkanus manufacturing facility. It is equipped with a propulsion unit with high offensive skills in Mobile Armor (MA) mode, but this mode does not work well of close combat situations. It is also unique in that it can turn into a mobile suit or be used as a mobile doll. The strongest MS made by OZ, its size made production difficult and only one unit was made.

Classification: Transformable Mobile Suit
Material: Gundanium Alloy
Dimensions: Overall height: 23.5 meters, Dry weight: 17.8 tons
Armament: Beam Bayonet (x1), A.S. Planet Defensor (x1), Micro Missiles (x30), Heat Rod (x1) [only in MA mode]

Virgo Cube
Battlefield of Pacifists Manga

Perfect Peace People

Unmanned (Computer-driven AI System)

An improved model of the Virgo series originally planned by OZ, it never went into development thanks to Tsubarov's death. The plans were later acquired by the Perfect Peace People and put into production. It features a more sophisticated version of the Mobile Doll System, as well as increased mobility and strengthened planet defensors.

Classification: Mobile Doll
Material: Gundanium Alloy
Dimensions: Overall height: 16.3 meters (est.), Dry weight: 7.5 tons (est.)
Armament: Beam Cannon (x1), Beam Saber (x2), Planet Defensor (x2)

Vulkanus An unmanned MD production plant created from an old UESA colony by Tubarov. It has a 'watchdog' mobile suit, the Scorpio, that only Tuberov and Duke Dermail can control.


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Battlefield of Pacifists

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