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An archive of reference information for the Gundam Wing universe.

Timeline Compiled from the GundamOfficial website, observation of the series, OVAs, Episode Zero, and various other printed resources.
Glossary Characters, locations, and terminology from the Gundam Wing Series and Endless Waltz listed in alphabetical order with screen captures and illustrations. Also a master character cross-reference list for the entire Gundam Wing universe.
Mecha Mobile suits and assorted mechanical devices from the Gundam Wing Series, OVAs, manga, side stories and other publications, listed with pilot rosters and armament and battle capabilities.
Television Series Episode transcripts from the English-language release (voice actors and subtitles) compared with a fan-subtitled version of the television series.
Endless Waltz & OVAs Transcripts from the English-language release (voice actors and subtitles) of the three episode OVA and movie version of Endless Waltz compared with a fan translation. Also information on Operation Meteor I & II: Odds and Evens, and Gundam Evolve 7.
Gallery Extensive screen captures from the television series (organized by episode number), Endless Waltz (OVA and Movie versions), Operation Meteor I & II: Odds and Evens, and Gundam Evolve 7.
Manga & Novels Cover scans, story synopses, character and mecha cross-listings, and transcripts of the assorted support materials created for the Gundam Wing universe, including Episode Zero, Blind Target, Ground Zero, Battlefield of Pacifists, and Mobile Suit Gundam: The Last Outpost and others. This section also includes information on the television series and Endless Waltz novelizations and side stories.
Merchandise Images and information on the wide variety of models, books, trading cards, music, and other material sold to fans over the years.

Please note that this website is intended as an online reference point and not as a substitute for either viewing the series or reading the manga. This was created as a basic archive of transcript and reference information for the Gundam Wing universe, for use by fans for the purpose of better understanding the series and to provide a quick reference for model building, online gaming, fanfiction writing, and other assorted fanworks. This website is intended for non-commercial and non-profit use and has been created solely for entertainment and informative purposes. Gundam Wing, Endless Waltz, and their characters remain the copyright property of Sotsu Agency, Bandai, Sunrise, Emotion, and other original property holders; no infringement is intended. All original content and material on this website remains the intellectual property of its respective owner(s). This website copyright 2001-2007 AboutGundamWing.com. Please do not transfer, mirror, or download for sale or profit without first contacting the webmaster for permission.

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